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Visa for Bali from New Zealand: The Essential Guide

It’s no secret that Kiwis love visiting Indonesia, especially during the winter months of June through August. The most recent data on tourists visiting New Zealand in 2023 further supports this, which showed a figure of 105,000 visitors, with July being the peak month of the year for tourism.

In late 2023, Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno said there’s a consideration of resuming visa-free travel for travellers from certain countries. New Zealand is one of them. If this is realized, Kiwis once more can shave Rp500,000 off the cost of a visit.

If you’re a New Zealand resident looking for a trip to Bali, read on to find out which Bali visa NZ might suit your needs best.

Bali Visa NZ Options

The government has designed many types of visas to cater to all kinds of purposes and durations of stay. Here are some Bali visa NZ options you can consider when planning a visa for Bali from NZ:

Visa for Bali from New Zealand: The Essential Guide

Visa On Arrival (VoA or e-Voa)

Visa on Arrival is your way to go if you’re looking to spend a month or two in Bali without any hassle and stress. You can obtain the visa directly from the airport or online via the official e-Visa website, Molina.

The cost to create a VoA is only Rp500,000. It is valid for 30 days and can be extended once for an additional 30 days, providing you with a total of 60 days of stay.

A VoA extension requires you to visit the immigration office three times, starting from the extension application, biometric sessions, and passport retrieval. With an extension service from a Bali visa agent like Kamala Visa Bali, you can cut those three visits into one, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the wonders of Bali.

Single Entry Visa

For a more laid-back travel experience, you can opt for a single entry visa, which offers a base stay period of 60 days and is extendable twice for a total of 180 days. There are two kinds of single entry visas you can choose from: the social or tourist visa or the business visa.

Single entry tourist visa allows you to immerse yourself in the wonders Bali has to offer, while single entry business visa is focused more on the business side of things such as business meetings.

The two more or less share the same requirements, i.e. a passport that is valid for at least 12 months from the entry date and a bank statement of at least 2,000 USD to cover expenses during your stay in the country. Other crucial requirement includes a sponsorship letter from relatives or family who live in Indonesia or from a registered business entity (PT).

Digital Nomad or Remote Worker Visa (E33F)

Bali is arguably one of the best destinations for Digital Nomads who love to combine work and travel. The Indonesian government recognised this potential and last year, it issued the long-awaited Digital Nomad or Remote Worker Visa program.

With this visa, eligible applicants can live and work remotely in the country for a span of a year. Only individuals who work for a company based outside of Indonesia can obtain this visa. If you’re planning to work for a local company, you need another visa called Working KITAS.

To get a remote worker visa, you need to meet the following requirements first:

  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • Proof of life expenses of at least 2,000 USD.
  • New copies of coloured photographs.
  • Proof of your annual income of at least 60,000 USD.
  • Work contract with a company outside of Indonesia.

Family KITAS

Meet your significant other in Indonesia and you find out that he/she is a local? Congratulations, you’re eligible for a Family KITAS. As you already guessed, it’s a type of visa that gives you the ability to stay with your spouse or family for a year and can be extended up to five times.

There are some benefits you can get from holding this visa:

  • A multiple-entry permit, allowing you to enter and exit the country multiple times.
  • Ability to convert your KITAS into KITAP for a more permanent residence in Indonesia. You can apply for KITAP after three years of holding a Family KITAS. With a KITAP, you get a five-year stay period and you can extend your stay for another five years indefinitely.
  • The opportunity to get an Indonesian ID and driver’s licence, open a bank account, and a property joint ownership with your spouse.
  • Local prices for certain tourist attractions.

Second Home Visa (E33)

Finding Bali or Indonesia as a great second home for you and your family? Then you need a second home visa. This visa is a great choice for anyone who wants to spend a long time in the country while investing in businesses or any other type of investment.

Second home visa is not your usual visa as it offers a whopping 5 to 10 years of stay period. Not only that, you can also bring eligible family members and sponsor them for the same visa. But with all of those benefits, you need to take into account the requirements for the visa:

  • A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Proof of living expenses of at least US$2,000 or equivalent.
  • The latest coloured photograph.
  • Statement of commitment that must be accomplished within 90 days after the date of arrival, such as:
  1. Deposit funds in an account under the name of the applicant at a state-owned bank with a value of 130,000 USD (one hundred thirty thousand US Dollars), or
  2. Purchase property in Indonesia such as an apartment/flat house with a value of 1,000,000 USD (one million US Dollars).


The Indonesian government has designed many visas to cater to all kinds of needs. The myriad of options can be overwhelming for those who are travelling to Bali for the first time or even those of you who have experience travelling here.

For a more stress-free travel experience from NZ to Bali, you might want to hire an expert to do the job. That’s where a Bali visa agent comes in. With our expertise and knowledge of the visa application process, we can help simplify the process and ensure that you have all the necessary documentation to obtain the appropriate visa for your trip.

Call us today for a thorough consultation or visit our office in Kerobokan, North Kuta, if you are in Bali and would like to speak with one of our visa experts in person.


Frequently asked questions

Do you need a visa for Bali from NZ?

Yes, you need one. There are a lot of options you can choose from, ranging from tourism to business purposes.

What is the right visa for Bali for NZ citizens?

The right NZ to Bali visa depends on the purpose and duration of your stay. You can always rely on Visa on Arrival if you’re looking for a quick getaway to Bali’s stunning beaches and vibrant culture. If you’re looking to work remotely and enjoy the beauty Bali has to offer, opt for a Remote Worker Visa. Rest assured that there are all kinds of visas available to cater to your needs.

How much is Bali visa for NZ citizens?

It depends on the type of visa you choose. The cheapest one you can get is Visa On Arrival which only costs you 35 USD. Another option can be costly depending on the duration and purpose of your stay.

Is there any New Zealand visa application centre in Bali?

If you’re a New Zealander looking for assistance with visa services in Bali, you can count on a Bali visa agent like Kamala Visa Bali. As your Bali visa partner, we can help you with the forms and paperwork, ensuring a hassle-free visa application process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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