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What is the Best Bali Visa for US Citizens?

Bali’s stunning landscapes, beautiful culture, and warm hospitality have enchanted many travellers, including those from the United States to visit the Island of Gods.

Whether you seek the serene beauty of rice terraces in Ubud, the vibrant beaches of Seminyak, or the spiritual aura of ancient temples like Uluwatu, Bali offers a diverse array of experiences for every type of traveler. To fully immerse yourself in this tropical paradise, it’s essential to understand the Bali Indonesia visa for US citizens.

Do US citizens need a visa for Bali?

Every US citizen is bound to apply for a visa before embarking on a journey to Bali. While every type of visa requires a different set of requirements, the bare minimum to proceed with a visa application is to have a passport with at least six months of validity and two blank passport pages.

Apart from the visa requirements, you may want to:

What is the Best Bali Visa for US Citizens?

the Best Bali Visa for US Citizens

There are visas for each of your needs. When it comes to choosing the best visa for Bali, it’s crucial to select one that aligns with the nature and duration of your visit. Here are some of the common visa options:

Visa on Arrival (B213)

Visa on Arrival is arguably the most popular, convenient, and easy visa to obtain if you want to spend some time in Bali. It has a validity period of 30 days and is eligible for a visa extension, providing you with an additional 30 days permit for a total of 60 day stay period.

It’s regarded as the most convenient way to enter Bali because it provides tourists with an easy and quick application process. You can obtain this visa both offline and online.

  • Offline means you can get the visa at the airport, and it only takes 15-30 minutes, depending on how busy the airport is.
  • Online means you apply online from the Official e-Visa Website for Indonesia, allowing you to avoid queues and eliminate potential disruptions that impact the quality of your trip.

Single Entry Tourist Visa (B211A)

If you plan to stay in Bali for more than 60 days, the Single Entry Tourist Visa is a suitable option. As the name suggests, this visa is a single-entry visa – meaning you must submit a new visa application if you leave the country.

A Single Entry Tourist Visa allows you to enjoy various activities such as tourism, social purposes, and many other activities. It’s extendable twice, 60 days for each extension, giving the holder an additional 120 days or 180 days total.

You need a sponsor to apply for this visa, and we can help you with that. Check out our Single Entry Tourist Visa page for more information.

Single Entry Business Visa (B211B)

For those intending to engage in business activities in Bali, the Single Entry Business Visa is the appropriate choice. It allows you to discuss, negotiate, and sign contract(s) with business entities in Indonesia, as well as participate in a meeting and purchase goods in Indonesia.

Similar to the Single Entry Tourist Visa, this visa is valid for 60 days, with the option of two extensions for an additional 60 days each. It also requires a guarantee letter from a sponsor as part of the requirement. If you’re looking for an agency to take care of the sponsorship, Kamala Visa Bali is ready to help. Visit our Single Entry Business Visa for detailed information.

Working KITAS (C312)

If your visit involves long-term work with an Indonesian company, then the Working KITAS is the most suitable option for you. Unlike the other types of visas we have mentioned, it’s the only visa that allows you to earn money legally in the country.

It’s eligible for many professions, such as inspector or auditor, prospective foreign workers who will undergo a skill qualification test, and many more. You can check out the full list here.

Working KITAS has a validity period of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months, depending on your application. While the 6-month version can’t be extended, the 12-month KITAS is extendable up to 4 times. It’s also a multiple-entry visa, so you can come back as many times as you like during the validity period of your visa.

The application process is far more rigorous since you need to prepare a lot of documents, e.g. CV, bank statements, a guarantee letter from your employer, and many more.

Your Trusted Visa Agency

Choosing the best visa for your trip can be overwhelming, especially with the various options available. To simplify and streamline the process, consider enlisting the services of a trusted Bali visa agent, like Kamala Visa Bali.

Kamala Visa Bali is a company that specialises in visa consultation, application, and extension. We are operated by highly experienced visa specialists with strong relationships with Embassies and Immigration Offices throughout Indonesia. Count on us to make your visa journey easy, successful, and convenient by visiting our office at Kerobokan or contacting us here.

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